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Maëlle Beauty wasn’t just built to change looks, we were built to change lives.
For us, this isn't about just makeup and beauty.  What Maëlle strives to do is build a community and an opportunity for women around the world.  Our goal is to empower all women to not only believe in themselves but to reach their dream goals. 
We are committed to designing cosmetic and skincare products that do exactly what they say they will do and to make you not only look gorgeous but feel it as well.  We only source the best formulations and beautiful colors to ensure everything we create is on trend and of the highest quality.
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Our Promise to you!

We are committed to creating cosmetics and skincare products that do what they say and make you look and feel gorgeous. We source the best formulations and colours to ensure everything we do is on trend and of the highest quality. Our products are produced throughout Europe by the same manufacturers behind many of the world’s best known brands

Maëlle uses the highest quality ingredients whether natural or synthetic. These ingredients have a proven safety record and are widely used in the cosmetics industry. 

We conduct a series of rigorous tests including microbiological, challenge, stability and compati-bility test to ensure the safety of our products.

All of the products Parabens Free and are carefully preserved to ensure customer safety.

maelle dawn to dusk eyeshadow
maelle eyebrow stylist kit

We promise results!

Who doesn’t want to see an immediate results in the mirror everyday!?

Extremely easy to use products for a gorgeous look each time!

All formulas are long lasting and last through the day!

*Beautifully designed and packaging that you'll want to share with your friends!

*Fashion-forward looks that complement any lifestyle 

*Great advice and education to select the right product for her and apply it with confidence

And there's more...

*Beauty is a blast but results matter too. All of our products are rigorously tested so we can make sure they do what we promise!

*Products that give you the Glam factor with the latest industry technologies, formulas and on trend colors.

*Eco & Skin–friendly products that combine cutting edge technology with natural ingredients so our customers feel safe in knowing they are using a great product.

*Affordably priced products that you can be proud to show off to your friends!

*Extensive product information to help you choose the right product for your needs.

*Mentors ready to help you at any time!